Mike Holzbach

A front-end developer with a focus on React and a passion for life abroad.


Carfax Ratings and Reviews

You can click the buttons below to view some screenshots of the site, as well as get more details on the project. Visiting the page itself will require creation of a Carfax account, which is completely free to do, here: View Site

Tools: React, Redux, Sass, ES6, Webpack, Jest/Enzyme, and RESTful API consumption.

Task: Add a section to an existing site that allows Carfax users to see and edit any review they have left for a service shop or car dealership, increasing customer and partner engagement.

Challenges: Updates and maintenance. Cross team coordination to establish new APIs.

Results: This site receives about 3,000 visitors per day, and has been well received by customers and partners alike.

Comments: This code base was an inherited one, and had sat untouched for nearly three years. Accordingly, the tooling in particular was badly out of date, and the Redux code was a bit overly complex (it had been one of Carfax's first React/Redux projects and was a little over-engineered). I pushed to take a step back from expanding this application until we could fully update the tooling and simplify some of the state management. After a significant overhaul under the hood (a significant Webpack and Redux learning experience), Mike Dolan and I proceeded to work closely with the data team that manages the review data to implement new endpoints we could use, and bring this useful new feature to life.

Team Members: Mike Dolan and Carol Li (designer)